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One Touch Connect
We are connected to our valuable parents at one touch though Android application which can be easily downloaded from the playstore..

Android Application
Gurusthanam has designed its own Android Application which has unique features and keeps parents informed about their kids. The app is designed specially for our playschools to improve their communication with parents. It integrates all the necessary day-to-day and eventful information under one user friendly experience; making access to information simple, fast and easy.

Mood Map
The mood map is a great feature which helps teachers record the overall mood of a child. This helps parents to understand what is happening to their child on an emotional level as they grow and learn at the playschool.

Art Snap
Artsnap is an instant way of sharing projects and other media files with the parents. They get an instant message which shows them the great things their children do at school.

Eat o meter
The eatometer is an interactive tool which allows teachers to update the food consumption of the child and weather their likability of the food.

Notices are any announcements, intimations or messages to be given to parents with regard to the child or school. This allows uninterrupted and seamless communication. So the next time there is a last minute holiday or a call for a meeting with the parents. It will never go unnoticed.

Wellness is a dedicated section for any alerts on the child’s health, medication or any other allergies that may have. This is a high priority alert which is set with a repeat notification so that no parent may miss it, even in the app.

Feed updates
Parents can now receive fee updates and installment deadlines through the Gurusthanam app. Schools can get clear cut information of all the students whose fees are paid and outstanding. Independent reminders can be sent to all parents.

Displays attendance of every student, this helps parents and teachers keep a track of their punctuality.

Report Card
Display Marks and Grades as per your marking system & track a student’s academic progress. Online Store Starting soon….. This Gurusthanam App will act as gateway to shopping for kids.

Interactive boards
Every School of Gurusthanam is installed with an interactive board, an assistive technology tool used to enhance the teaching-learning process. It has helped to transform instruction and has lead to an increase in student participation.

The classroom is a carefully prepared environment that encourages children to learn individually at their own pace. Your child has extraordinary power of mind. They possess a once-in-a-lifetime ability to simply absorb information from their environment, like a sponge. We have prepared a dynamic learning environment with a wealth of concrete, manipulative learning materials that encourage the child to discover and learn throughout this limited period of their life. Our teachers are trained to observe each individual child and to put them in touch with things they are most interested in learning; the results are joy, immense satisfaction and excitement about learning.

International Teaching staff
Our members of teaching staff possess rich experiences and outstanding track records, and complement the knowledge of our local talents. Every member of our academic team is vastly experienced, highly qualified and extensively trained. DAILY ORGANISATION AND ROUTINES SCHOOL TIMINGS
Playschool begins at 9 am. Playschool’s sessions will finish at 6pm. Monday to Friday. Arrivals and Collections
All children are welcomed personally by their teachers each day. Children may only leave the playschool with their parent(s), authorized persons (e.g. nanny or driver). Should parents wish to make any alternative arrangements, they must inform their child’s teacher.

Parent Teacher Meetings
Our parent-teacher meetings are held periodically to give you the opportunity to visit the playschool and meet your child's teacher. You are welcome to contact us whenever you need to have any information or guidance regarding your child. We are open to your suggestions and look forward to your keen participation and interest in our activities.

Lunch and Snacks
Fresh Lunch and frequent snacks are provided by our in-house catering company at all our playschools. The children should carry a bottle of water, a change of clothes and nappy with the child's name on it (where required). Food Menu A well balanced diet is vital to a child’s health, and what they eat influences their mood, behaviour, level of concentration, and most importantly their physical and mental development. Our Playschool food menu is carefully planned to ensure that the children receive a variety of different foods geared to providing all of the essential daily nutrients required to maintain good health. We believe it is very important for children to have something nourishing to eat at break time, as well as at lunch so our menu has been designed to encourage a healthy balanced diet throughout the day.

Qualified Caring Staff
Since the world that teachers are preparing children to enter, is changing so rapidly, and because the teaching skills required are evolving likewise, no initial course of teacher education can be sufficient to prepare a teacher for a career of 30 or 40 years. Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is the process by which teachers reflect upon their competencies, keep them up to date, and develop them further. The education authorities at Gurusthanam support this process immensely in order to upgrade the teaching staff, which in turn benefits the children of our school.

Many CPDs are conducted in the school for continuous up gradations. For e.g. Brain gym, Child Protection Policy, Cyber bullying, Social media and security, Internal and External Communication, Phonics, SEN children workshop, CPD for guided reading, mark making etc. Highlights of some of the CPDs:

Brain Gym workshop is conducted by MY LIFE TRAINER. It IS an informative session on retained reflexes. Teachers are educated on the importance and different activities they could do with children to help them concentrate and learn better. We also conduct ‘Child Protection Policy’ workshops. The workshops enlighten the teachers of Gurusthanam on different ways through which children are exploited and how we as teachers, could make the school environment safe for them to learn in. School is the second home to children and we must take care of their well-being to help children grow as responsible members of the society and lead happy lives! The Behavior Policy workshop is introduced in Gurusthanam to help promote good behavior, self-discipline and respect; prevent bullying

ensure that pupils complete assigned work

regulate the conduct of pupils

Teachers are given proper guidelines to understand the behavior policy and ways to be consistent and apply it to improve the conduct and discipline of the class and school

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