Special Educational Needs

At Gurusthanam Playschools, our intention is to provide a wholly inclusive service. Every child is valued and we seek information from parents about their child’s likes and dislikes as we endeavour to make adaptations to the environment and activities wherever and whenever possible, to enable every child to take part. We aim to provide all children with equal opportunities to access a broad and balanced curriculum and a learning environment that is committed to the inclusion of all children. This is achieved through our policies for Admissions and Equal Opportunities in addition to the policy for special Needs and Inclusion.

Our philosophy is that all children, with or without Special Needs, should have a positive experience and the opportunity to develop to their full potential alongside their peers, in a mainstream environment. In some cases where a child may require additional support in classes and the resource is unavailable, a meeting with the parents and principal shall take place to discuss how we can ensure progression and inclusion collaboratively, this could mean additional fees are incurred to place a professional shadow teacher or support for the individual child within the classroom.

We have regard for the Disability Discrimination Act and Disability Equality Duty and aim to provide a welcoming environment, which is suitable for all children, including those with disabilities and Special Educational Needs. We raise awareness of any specialism the setting has to offer and assist our teaching staff in professional development towards, Makaton, Portage and PECS training. We continually monitor and review our practice to ensure the effectiveness of our SEN/disability provision and, if necessary, make adjustments. The playschool has regard for the DFES Special Educational Needs Code of Practice and follows the guidelines below.


All our planning for activities and play is linked to the Practice Guidance for the Early Years Foundation Stage. Each child’s ability is taken into account when planning and carrying out any activities, making sure each child’s individual needs are met. Gurusthanam Playschools implements a range of strategies to enable the specific needs of children to be met. Your child’s class teacher will keep detailed records and regularly report to parents/carers. If additional support is required, we provide additional resources to support parents and children with Special Educational Needs.

Developing a positive partnership with parents

We believe that a positive relationship with parents is paramount to the successful education and development of every child. We welcome parents’ input as they have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of their child which can be invaluable in helping us to effectively meet the needs of their child. Parents are always welcome in the nursery either to help out or to discuss any concerns they might have.

Arrangements can be made for private discussions at a mutually convenient time. If we have any concerns about a child in our care we will always meet with the parents privately to discuss any action that may need to be taken. Parents are kept informed about progress and are encouraged to be involved in the setting of specific targets.

Arrangements for the admission and integration of children with special educational needs

Gurusthanam Playschools welcomes the opportunity for both parents and children to come for visits prior to starting at the playschool and to discuss ways in which the playschool can meet the child’s individual special educational needs. The aim is to enable the child to make a smooth and happy transition from home into the playschool.

Special needs coordinator (SENCO)

Gurusthanam Playschool has a designated member of staff (SENCO) who has responsibility for all children with Special Educational Needs within the setting. The SENCO’S responsibility is to ensure that staff are made aware of all children’s additional needs and kept up to date with training, information, new legislation and all issues relating to Special Educational Needs within the playschool.

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