Promotion Of Child Welfare

At Gurusthanam playschools safeguarding and promoting children's welfare forms a large part of our statutory responsibilities.

We follow the framework of the Every Child Matters government green paper, which is structured around five outcomes, which are key to a child’s well-being. In England, these form part of the statutory regulations; however the principles behind the outcomes are also consistent with the standards elsewhere.

  • The five outcomes are outlined below:
  • Stay safe – looking after the children’s welfare and ensuring a safe environment
  • Be healthy – safeguarding and promoting children’s health and well-being
  • Enjoy and achieve – supporting the children in their learning and development
  • Make a positive contribution - working together with parents and encouraging children to play a beneficial part in their nursery and wider community
  • Organisation – ensuring all government policies, procedures and practices are strictly followed

Stay Safe
Effective child protection is of the highest priority at Gurusthanam. The welfare of every child is paramount and everyone (including all staff, students, volunteers and visitors) has a responsibility to ensure that any areas of concern involving a child, who may be at risk of harm, are recognised and dealt with immediately. As a childcare provider, we have a moral duty of care to ensure that any concerns or incidents of suspected abuse or harm are reported to the relevant Local Safeguarding authority without delay.

Be Healthy
We have strict guidelines to control the administration of medication. We have a qualified DHA nurse onsite at all times. Infection control measures are in place and stringent hand-washing procedures in all areas using gels and foams.

Enjoy and achieve
We create an environment that is conducive to learning. We support the children in their learning through active play and exploration by observing and assessing them and encouraging their creative thinking.

Make a positive contribution
We work together with parents to ensure children’s individual needs are met. Social inclusion is promoted and children are encouraged to behave in a respectful way at all times.

We control the suitability of people within the playschool by adhering to several strict policies. All staff must have a minimum of two ‘positive’ employment references checked before starting at the playschool. We may ask for an additional education reference where applicable. All adults collecting children from the nurseries will have to be nominated and identified beforehand. All external nursery doors are secure with CCTV at the entrances to identify visitors before entry is permitted.

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