Gurusthanam is dedicated to taking extra special care of all your preschooler's early learning needs. We realize each child is special and we will help and encourage your child to learn and develop. Our Playschool Curriculum is based around the British Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework incorporates methods from Montessori. Keeping each child's individual strengths and interests at heart and where children are granted the freedom to explore and play, igniting their passion and excitement for learning.

The EYFS framework is made up of six areas of learning and development

• Social, Physical and Emotional Development: This is the child’s ability to interact with others.

Social development is your child’s ability to interact with peers, including helping themselves and learning self-control. This focuses on a child’s social and emotional development and teaches the child to be sensitive to the needs and feelings of others. Show respect for people of other cultures and beliefs. Take turns and share fairly and treat living things, property and environment with care and concern. We encourage physical activities in motor skills that promote communication and corporation rather than competition.

How do we target this area of development? Along with our daily routine programming we leave time for group and individual free play, which is essential for this area of the child’s development. Circle time, free-play and an indoor/outdoor play area, all facilitate social and emotional development.

• Speech and Language Development: This is the child’s ability to understand and use language.

This focuses on a child’s language development and foundation of literacy. The child acquires competence in the spoken language – talking and listening and gains pre-reading and writing skills.

How do we target this area of development? Our daily reading programs will indefinitely enrich your child’s language skills. During reading time, children will be read books appropriate to their own level. They will also partake in nursery rhymes and poems, show ‘n’ tell and responding to stories after listening to them. They may also choose from an array of books for one of their own liking that will be read to them.

• Creative Development: This is the child’s ability to imagine and express ideas.

Focuses on development of the child’s imagination and ability to communicate and express ideas/feelings in creative ways through dramatic play. This aids in developing curiosity, creativity and independence in a child; whilst making their confidence, self-esteem and decision making capabilities stronger. How do we target this area of development? Your child will show an increasing ability to use his or her imagination and to listen and observe through: Arts & Crafts, Painting, Singing & Music, Dance, Stories and Imaginative play, and use of varied range of materials, tools and other resources.

• Cognitive / Mathematical Development: This is the child’s ability to learn and solve problems.

How do we target this area of development?

This includes activities such as building blocks, puzzle making and fun games including shape recognition, alphabet and number games.

• Focus on mathematical understanding and the foundation for numeracy through practical and fun activities.

• Describe, recognize and recreate shapes, positions, sizes and quantities.

• Compare, sort, match and count using everyday objects.

• Sing rhymes, songs, stories and counting games.

• Fine Motor Skill Development: This is the child’s ability to use small muscles.

This is the child’s ability to use small muscles, specifically their hands and fingers to pick up small objects, hold a spoon, turn pages in a book, or use a crayon to draw.

How do we target this area of development? We find that one of the most anticipated parts of a child’s day is arts and crafts time. During this time, children will partake in art activities such as making papier-mâché, drawing pictures, or painting and coloring, gluing and sticking to create artwork.

• Gross Motor Skill Development/ Physical Development: This is the child’s ability to use large muscles.

How do we target this area of development? Outdoor playtime will improve gross motor skills in your child, as regular physical activity is proven to be essential for proper development. It will improve their ability to communicate.

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