Enrichment Programmes (Weekend)

The Mum/Dad & Tot Montessori Playgroup program is designed for children age 18 months to 2.5 years old. In this program, the toddler is accompanied by 1 adult. This program will be a good head start for your child to be ready for school. A one and half hour program, each week the teacher will focus on a different subject – English Phonics (1st week), Mathematics (2nd week), Sensorial (3rd week), Cultural and Science (4th week). This will give the child a good exposure to the different Montessori subjects. On top of that, there will be fun activities like storytelling, art and craft and music and movement. The teacher will also do a presentation of the Montessorssssi apparatus based on the different subjects. Parents can learn through these sessions more about the Montessori teaching method. Suggestions will also be given to parents on activities they can do with their children at home.

Recommended Age

18mths – 2.5 years old


Every Sat 10am-11.30am

Every Sun 10.30am -12pm

Fun with LEGO Machines and Robots


5 to 8 years (K1 to Pri 2)


Develop spatial awareness skills through hands-on practice. Develop creativity, forward thinking, logical analysis and problem solving skills through hands-on projects. Discover the workings of simple mechines, and learn and appreciate the thought process behind their design. Learn the basic mechanics of robotics including programming robot behavior in a fun- filled environment.

Workshop Dates:

Every Sat 2:00 - 5:30pm (include 30 mins break)

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