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Gurusthanam is dedicated in taking extra special care of every child’s early learning needs. We realize each child is special and we help and encourage children to learn and develop. Good quality care in the early years raises educational standards and opportunities, and enhances children’s social development. We focus upon the outcome of the child being cared for, and in their interests. We plan and provide activities and play opportunities to develop children’s emotional, physical, social and intellectual capabilities. Our Playschool Curriculum is based around the British Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework that incorporates methods from Montessori learning. Keeping each child's individual strengths and interests at heart and where children are granted the freedom to explore and play, igniting their passion and excitement for learning.
Our Courses are:

  • Advanced Diploma in Montessori & Early Childhood Care -1 YEAR
  • Diploma in Montessori & Early Childhood Care -2 YEARS
  • Diploma in School Management (DSM) -1 YEARS

Gurusthanam Diploma in Montessori & Early Childhood Care is an extensive course that prepares prospective preschool teachers who are trained effectively in the Principles and Methodologies of Montessori and EYFS teaching. The curriculum also deals with the diversity of approaches and methods that create a secure environment of warmth and care within which the young children can develop varied skills pertaining to their individual growth. Our One Year Nursery Teacher Training Program (Advanced Diploma in Montessori & Early Childhood Care)and Two Years Nursery Teacher Training Program ( Diploma in Montessori & Early Childhood Care) are a well-designed nursery training programmes that deals with good preschool curriculum and has the ability to contribute significantly to a child's holistic growth.

Diploma in School Management (DSM) deals with two broad subjects in detail, Child psychology and Management; to prepare the participant to understand the child psychology & coordinate with the parents by guiding them & manage financials to run School /Preschool effectively.

  • The programme develops an awareness of the historical background to the restructuring of the educational system and appreciation of the goals of the change over to the new pattern.
  • It develops a thorough knowledge pertaining to the alternative streams and the ability to apply their knowledge in career planning for students in the vocational streams offered in their respective schools.
  • The programme develops the requisite knowledge and skills for Institutional planning and the ability to apply the systems approach in bringing about educational change and the leadership capabilities for bringing about educational change through the role as Principals.

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