Summer Camps

Five Reasons to Send Your Child to Summer Camp

1. The biggest benefits of summer camp come in the form of friendships and memories that will last a lifetime. The value of gains in interpersonal skills and experience is impossible to measure. Fortunately, there is also a wide range of physical and psychological benefits that we can measure. Gains in self-esteem, cardiovascular health, and a sense of empathy and community are just a few of the tangible reasons we highly recommend summer camp for every child.

2. Camp engages children in activities that stimulate thinking, problem solving, and planning; all of which reduce the summertime “brain drain.” Regardless of the type of camp (art, music, outdoor activities, technology, etc.), structured, group activities require campers to actively think – often in different ways than they do at school.

3. Camp allows children to practice social skills in a less structured environment than school provides. Camps typically include significant time for free play, or less structured activities, where children can practice interacting with peers. There are also typically a different group of peers at camp than during the school year, allowing children new social experiences.

4. Camp allows children to try new activities. It is often hard to pack all of the activities in which children are interested during the school year. Summertime offers opportunities to try overnight camping, or Lego Robotics, or painting and drawing, or whatever new activity sparks a child’s interest.

5. Camps are fun! Children like to engage in active, productive activities with friends. Enrolling your child in summer camp will reduce the times you are likely to hear “I’m bored!”

Freedom From “I” Am Bored

1. Age group 2-5 Years




Story Telling Workshop

Paper Making

Speech Making Therapy

Occupational therapy

2. Age group 6-8 Years (I,II, & III standard)

Writing Skills



Craft (Best out of waste)

Speech Therapy

Fun with Lego machines and Robotics



Memory Techniques

3. Age group 9-12 Years (IV & V standard)



Mind activation


Culinary arts


Memory Techniques

4 Adults (Parents)

Adult Activation

Speech Making Therapy

Occupational therapy

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