Education in Human Values

Creating Children With Healthy Social Interactions. Our secular, multi-faith Education in Human Values(EHV) programme develops in children the stepping stones of character, self-discipline and values so they have compassion for others and their peers, and so that they have healthy, respectful social interactions.

EHV is based on the learning of the five Core Universal Human Values of Love, Truth, Right-Conduct, Peace and Non-Violence. In EHV, for example, children learn to share, give, trust, have courage, and more, all of which lay the foundation for the future life. Objectives of Our EHV Programme for our Young Children:

• Developing Beginnings of Integrity & Character
• Developing a basic Understanding of the Environment & Social Responsibility
• Developing Beginnings of Personal Responsibility & Accountability
• Developing Ability to Work with Others
• Developing Beginnings of Self-discipline
• Developing Courage
• Developing Sharing with Others
• Developing Mindset to Learn New Skills

EHV making an Impact around the World Learning the Core Human Values In EHV, the five Core Universal Human Values are taught through related sub-values. The diagram below pictorially represents, for example, how a child learns the value of ‘truth’ through its related sub-values of purity, trust, integrity, courage and honesty.

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