We understand the importance of parents being fully involved in their children’s daily activities, progress and development in their Playschool environment. But the learning does not stop at the doors of our Playschool; we ensure that the parents too are well equipped to contribute the most to their child’s development outside of nursery. Keeping this in mind we organise regular workshops for parent enrichment on various topics ranging from the ‘Importance of Sensory Play’ to ‘Letters & Sounds’, ‘Biting & Toilet training’, and more.

First Aid and Safeguarding Workshop

As part of the Safety Awareness, parents are provided with an informative learning about basic first aid, CPR, choking prevention techniques, and the recovery position.

Importance of Sensory Play Parent Workshop

The parents have a wonderful learning experience where they learn how the baby's brain works and how stimulation helps infant brain development for long-term growth and health.

Letters and Sounds Workshop

This workshop enables the parents to get a better understanding on how we teach ‘Letters and Sounds’ to the children in our Playschool. Parents also get ideas on how to enhance their child's learning at home.

Sensory Workshop

Parent Activity days are attended and supported by the parents, children and staff alike. Be it the Halloween Day, Cake Day, Book Sales or Messy Mornings, children and parents always have a good time with all the fun activities.

Parenting Help and Advise

Families are central to a child’s well-being and we support this by sharing as much information and help for extended learning at home, making Gurusthanam an extension of your home. With the goal being the wholesome development of the child, we provide information which helps parents support their child's intellectual, social and emotional development.

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