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Dear Parents A warm Welcome to you all. The first lessons that a child learns are from their parents. Home is where their story begins. It is there where they learn the lessons of love and respect. You, as parents are their role models. They begin by loving you and then as they grow older, they develop skills that will help them through life into adulthood.

Keeping this in mind, we have designed a parent-interaction program. We invite parents and their families to be a part of Nursery projects, nursery shows, celebrations, seminars and activities. Your involvement not only encourages the child but also reinforces good and productive behavior in them. We welcome activities involving parents’ interaction and volunteering. Contributing their knowledge and talents are always encouraged at our nursery. We have an ‘Open-door Policy’ that welcomes interaction between parents and staff at any time. Along with answering queries, parents are informed about how they can develop their child’s learning skills at these sessions. Some of the features of the Parent-Interaction Program include:

• Daily anecdotal observation records and report agendas are sent to keep you up to date
• Monthly newsletters
• “Mommy & Me” and “My Family & Me” programs
• Arranging special occasions for parents to visit the classrooms
• Providing workshops to guide you on how you can help
• Online resources included on our website and social media
• Blogs and articles about parenting, child care and health

Our Playschool believes in having a strong bond with parents that helps all of us in effectively contributing to children’s growth. An active participation by the parents always proves to be of greater advantage and we particularly encourage parents to engage and interact with children and our team as much as possible. At Gurusthanam, we leave no stone unturned in your child’s enriching and engaging learning experience.

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